Technologies We Use

Most designs now incorporate some processing, even if this is provided by a very small device which runs a fixed routine. We are accomplished in writing firmware at machine level for many microprocessors in addition to using higher level languages, such as C, for the more complex applications.

Some real time applications are best suited to field programmable microchips such as fpga, and we have the development tools which allow us to develop and debug these specialised devices as well as microprocessors .

We are also experienced in circuitry for driving and sensing electromechanical devices and a very wide range of transducers, for efficient power supply designs and battery charging (float and cyclic) for long battery life, using various battery technologies.

We have developed sophisticated techniques for signal conditioning and monitoring using low power amplifiers, and are well versed in the use of LED technology for illumination and CCD cameras for inspection tasks.

Other technologies include, display drivers, keyboards/keypads/touch screen, GPS location, RFID, digital audio etc.